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  • Mascarilla higiénica reutilizable con tratamiento bactericida de iones de plata.
  • Sistema de fácil ajuste facial completo: boca, nariz y barbilla con cinta regulable en longitud.
  • Doble capa: Una personalizada con tratamiento Amphibian Skin Effect + Iones de Plata y una cuerpo con eficacia de filtración bacteriana (BFE) 95,57%. Según informe de ensayo 2020TM0680 de Aitex según los valores CWA17553:2020
  • Diseñado y fabricado en España en cumplimiento con las especificaciones UNE 0065:2020 - CWA 17553:2020 cumpliendo las normas de homologación.
  • Mascarillas de filtración bacteriana, lavables a 60º y reutilizables siguiendo las directrices de la Especificación Europea CWA 17553:2020
  • 10 lavados nivel 90% según informe 2020TM2481, siguiendo los valores europeos CWA 17553:2020
  • 50 lavados nivel 70% según informe 20-005246siguiendo los valores europeos CWA 17553:2020
  • Entrega en pack individual incluyendo su propia HYGIENIC LAUNDRY BAG, una bolsa de tejido orgánico, para guardar, aislar y lavar la mascarilla de forma segura. 
  • El producto se entrega pre-lavado y empaquetado en condiciones higiénicas y de protección.

NO se admiten devoluciones de las mascarillas salvo que el material tenga algún problema de origen. Después de su uso, lava la mascarilla a una temperatura máxima de 60ºC, dentro de su Hygienic Laundry Bag y sécala al aire libre.

Por favor, continúa practicando la distancia social, lavando tus manos a menudo y evitando el contacto con ojos, boca y nariz.


ADVERTENCIA: Este dispositivo no es un producto sanitario en el sentido de la Directiva 93/42 o del Reglamento UE / 2017/745, ni un equipo de protección individual en el sentido del Reglamento UE / 2016/425


Individual pack deliveryincluding your own HYGIENIC LAUNDRY BAG, an organic tissue bag, to safely store and isolate the mask before putting it in the washing machine. The safest way to handle, wash and dry your mask avoiding contact with the rest of the laundry.

    Washing and drying the mask.

    To guarantee the correct functioning of the mask, washing and drying must be in accordance with the following recommendations:

    1. - A complete wash cycle (moisten, wash, rinse) must be carried out with the usual detergent, at a maximum wash temperature of 60 ° C.
    2. - Products that can degrade or damage the materials and that diminish their protective capacity should not be used.
    3. - It is recommended that the mask dry completely within 2 hours after washing.
    4. - It should not be dried or sanitized with a microwave oven.
    5. - Both during drying and subsequent storage of the mask, environments in which the mask can become contaminated should be avoided.

    After each wash cycle, a visual inspection should be performed (with protective gloves or washed hands). If any damage to the mask is detected (minor adjustment, deformation, wear, etc.) the mask should be discarded.

    Who is this for?

    This user has not received any gifts.These measures complement the physical alienation and health measures recommended by the Ministry of health in the context of the covid-19 pandemic.

    How to use it?

     In order for masks to work, the masks described below must be used correctly, and the use and access of child hygiene masks must be supervised by adults.

    Placement of mask.
    11. The following steps are recommended:
    • Wash hands with soap and water, or wash with liquid, and then dispose of gum.
    • Determine the top of the mask.
    • Put the mask on your face, as high as your nose If nose forceps are available, adjust them with your nose.
    • Take the mask from the outside and place the headgear behind, or on both sides of the ear, without passing through them.
    • Put the bottom of the mask on your chin
    • Pinch the nose forceps with both hands to make the nose fit
    • See if the mask is correctly arranged To do this, we have to see that it's sealed and there's no breathing disorder.
    • Once adjusted, do not touch the mask by hand. If the user needs to touch the gum, he must wash his hands with soap and water, or scrub with alcohol solution.
    Take off the mask.
    In order to avoid contamination when removing masks, the following steps must be taken:
    • Remove protective gloves.
    • Wash hands with soap and water, or with hydrogen solution.
    • Take the mask off and don't touch the front of the mask
    • If you want to reuse the mask, please refer to the "mask cleaning and drying" section. If the mask is finally discarded, please refer to "mask removal".
    • Wash hands with soap and water, or with hydrogen solution.

    How to wash the reusable sanitary mask?

       Wash and dry masks.

      To ensure the proper operation of the mask, cleaning and drying must be carried out according to the following recommendations:
      1. -Full cycle washing (wet, wash, wash) must be carried out with normal detergent, and the maximum washing temperature is 60.
      2. -Products that may degrade or damage the material and reduce its protective capacity shall not be used.
      3. -It is recommended to dry the mask within two hours after washing.
      4. -Do not microwave dry or disinfect.
      5. -Whether during drying or subsequent chewing gum storage, it is necessary to avoid the environment where chewing gum may be contaminated again.
      After each washing cycle, a visual inspection should be carried out. (wear protective gloves or washed hands)no If any damage is found to the mask (adjustment, deformation, wear, etc.)The mask must be discarded.

      You can see more common questions on this link.