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Mascarilla higiénica reutilizable Custom

Maask also offers you the possibility of personalized design and production for your employees and organization membersAnd welcome them Maximum term 15 working days From order confirmation
Minimum 50 units*Our design team completes the personalized logo on our sanitary masks and maintains the level of identity, welfare, completion and protection.
  • Reusable sanitary maskBacterial therapy with silver ions
  • Simple facial adjustment systemComplete: mouth, nose and chin, adjustable length.
  • double-deck:A personalized, long-lasting, long-lasting amperometric treatment, and an effective bacterial filtration body(BFE)95.57%。According to the test report2020TM0680By value CWA17553:2020
  • Designed and made in SpainB. Meet specificationsUNE 0065:2020 - CWA 17553:2020 andCompliance with certification standards.
  • Bacterial filter maskWashing machine to 60, reusableFollow European specification guidelines.CWA 17553:2020
  • Grade 10 cleaning 90%According to the report2020TM2481Following European values CWA 17553:2020
  • 50 layers washed 70%According to the report20-005246Following European values CWA 17553:2020
  • Send to individualsIncluding himselfHealth care laboratoryIt's used to wash and isolate the face and tissue.
  • The forum you want to post is aAnd packaged in hygienic and safe conditions.

Return of masks is not allowed unless there is a source problem with the material After use, wash the mask off at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, put it in your health stick, and dry it outside.

Please continue to practice social distance, wash your hands frequently and avoid contact with eyes, mouth and nose.


Warning: the device is not a health product within the meaning of directive 93 / 42 or EU regulation 2017 / 745, nor is it a personal protective equipment within the meaning of EU regulation 2016 / 425.


Individual pack deliveryincluding its own HYGIENIC LAUNDRY BAG, an organic fabric bag, to safely store and isolate the mask before inserting it into the washing machine. The safest way in handling, washing and drying your mask avoiding contact with the rest of the laundry clothes.

    Washing and drying the mask.

    To ensure the proper functioning of the mask the washing and drying must be in accordance with the following recommendations:

    1. - A complete washing cycle (wet, wash, rinse) should be performed with the usual detergent, at a washing temperature of 60 ° C.
    2. - Products that can degrade or damage materials and diminish their protective capacity should not be used.
    3. - It is recommended that the mask be completely dried within 2 hours after washing.
    4. - Do not dry or sanitize with a microwave oven.
    5. - Both during drying, and in the subsequent storage of the mask, the environments in which the mask can be contaminated should be avoided.

    After each washing cycle, a visual inspection should be performed (with protective gloves or washed hands). If any damage to the mask is detected (less adjustment, deformation, wear, etc.) the mask should be discarded.


    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Maask offers you the possibility to return the items, as long as they have been purchased directly through our website and you are within 14 calendar days since you received on order.

    If you want a different color or size, please make a return to receive a refund and process a new order.

    Before starting the process of returning the product please note that the items must be within their original packaging, without having been opened, they must also be in the "AS NEW" condition, i.e. unwashed and unused by retaining their label. Please make sure that the product is well packed in its original bag and protected with an opaque bag or box to avoid transport damage and so arrive in the perfect condition that was shipped to avoid problems in this process.

    Items from a custom order will not have a return option.