Delivery in individual packincluding your own HYGIENIC LAUNDRY BAG, a bag of organic fabric, to store and isolate the mask safely before inserting it into the washing machine. The safest way to handle, wash and dry your mask avoiding contact with other garments in the laundry.

    Washing and drying the mask.

    To ensure the proper functioning of the mask the washing and drying should be in accordance with the following recommendations:

    1. - A complete washing cycle (wetting, washing, rinsing) should be performed with the usual detergent, at a washing temperature of 60oC.
    2. - Products that may degrade or damage materials and decrease their protective capacity should not be used.
    3. - It is recommended that the mask dry completely within 2 hours of washing.
    4. - Do not dry or sanitize with a microwave oven.
    5. - Both during drying and in the subsequent storage of the mask, the environments in which the mask can be re-contaminated should be avoided.

    After each wash cycle, a visual inspection should be carried out (with protective gloves or washed hands). If any damage to the mask is detected (lower fit, deformation, wear, etc.) the mask should be discarded.