Conditions of use

Gobik Sport Wear S.L.:Maask 

B. These general conditions of employment relate to the use of the website Maask.euMaask property, C / musician Azor í n torregrosa 1230510, Yecla, Murcia e-mail info@maask.euTelephone and telephone868 043 813 CIF b-73817280, commercial registration number mu83485, page 1, volume 3000, Section 8, item 1 registration.

previous pageMaask.euAs a basic, decisive and necessary condition, it must mean that the customer accepts without reservation the general conditions of use in force on the date of the order. In addition, Customer acknowledges that acceptance of these conditions will mean that they apply to the order to which it is directed and to any subsequent order, unless the new conditions are brought to the customer's attention.


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Purchasing (stamp collecting) goods

Standard products or collectibles are products that you can buy at maask without specifying.

When purchasing standard products, you can click the "buy" button to issue a binding purchase quotation. You can check the order data (goods, quantity, price, shipping method and payment method) at any time before issuing a binding order and modify it if necessary. The order process can be cancelled at any time.

E-mail confirmation of receipt of the order immediately after the order is placed, but not subject to maask's acceptance of the offer.

If a computer error leads to a wrong priceMaask reserves the right to cancel and repay the order.

Purchase (customized) products

Custom products or personalized products refer to those that are determined by the customer. Therefore, these products are based on the concept of the customer, such as Design, color or set logo.Marsk He will email you personalized prices and terms.

You have control over the design, budget and delivery conditions that you can send toMarsk Written or email confirmation within two weeks of your admission When you receive the confirmation, the contract is terminated. Then you'll get a short confirmationMarsk By email.

The minimum quantity of custom products ordered for the first time is 25 units.


For customers within the EU, the prices listed are final. This includes relevant taxes, especially VAT and all other components of the price. Shipping charges will be stated separately in the invoice.

For customers outside the EU, all prices listed are considered net. The standard of determination is the delivery address. If, according to the law of the receiving country, value-added tax is levied on the goods, after the goods are received, the value-added tax must be paid in addition to the import tax. The customer is also required to pay these fees upon receipt of the goods, which will be charged by the customs authority or the transport company.

The price also includes transportation and packing. The customer will be responsible for a total amount of postage, depending on the value of the order and the place of delivery, and taking into account the postage that may be collected in remote areas.

Payment method

2. Payment shall be made in any of the following ways:

  • 1. Credit card or debit card purchase; The user must provide the name, number, expiration date and SFC of the cardholder. All information will be processed through TPV bank.
  • 1. Payment with PayPal; PayPal allows e-mail consumers to send payments over the Internet in a safe, comfortable and cost-effective manner. PayPal network uses the existing bank account and credit card financial infrastructure to establish a comprehensive real-time payment solution.

For more information, please visit the PayPal website:


*Monopoly in Europe.

Due to the current situation, 19 the standard delivery time agreed with the logistics operators may change, resulting in delays.

time limit

We know that when you place an order on our website, you look forward to receiving it. That's why we've been thinking about how best to get your clothes delivered intact in the shortest possible time.

Our website products have approximately the following delivery dates from the date of order (further delays may occur in the promotion activities):

Approximate term
Spain (Peninsula)
2 to 3 days
Spain (Bali)
3 to 5 days
Spain (cheddar, melilia and Canary Islands) and Portugal (islands) 
5-6 days
Portugal (Peninsula)
4-5 days
4 days
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland
3-4 days (land)
United Kingdom
5-6 days (land)
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, the Isle of man, Israel, Jersey, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey
3 days (in the air)



The above orders are free of charge
Spain (Peninsula)
Spain (Bali)
Portugal (Peninsula)
Spain (cheddar, melilia and Canary Islands) and Portugal (islands)
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland
United Kingdom
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, the Isle of man, Israel, Jersey, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey



Duties, taxes and other charges that may be levied (international freight and goods to the Canary Islands valued at more than 150 euros) are not included in the price or freight of the goods.

*Includes UK purchases after 31 October 2019 (brexit).

If the buyer refuses to pay these costs and requests the return of the order, maask will refund its value less the cost of shipment and subsequent return.

For further information on your tax rates, please contact your local customs office.

Property reservation

The goods will be owned by(b) Recommended compensation for the second "F4" claimsMarsk .

The customer is obliged to handle the goods with care until the owner changes ownership and becomes its owner.

Maask reserves the right and copyright to provide illustrations, designs, drawings, calculations and other documents to customer. This also applies to written documents that are not designated as confidential. Before providing these documents to third parties, the customer must obtain the express and written consent of the following parties:Musk.

Right to terminate action

The customer may cancel the purchase of the standard products within 14 calendar days without justifiable reasons, and the termination period shall terminate within 14 calendar days from the date of actual possession of the goods by the customer or a third party of the designated customer other than the carrier.

In order to exercise the right of termination, you must inform us of your decision to terminate the contract by a clear statement. You can also choose to fill out and send the return form template posted on the change and return form. If you use this option, we will inform you of the withdrawal notice in a permanent manner without delay.

If the reason for return is that the returned items are defective or unsatisfactory, maask will bear the cost of return and re shipment.

If the reason for the return is that the order is not satisfactory, we will return the order without undue delay, including the delivery fee (if you choose other methods than normal delivery, the delivery fee is not included, in this case, only the fee specified on the website for normal delivery can be refunded).

The return shall be completed within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving the notice of your decision to terminate this contract.

You have to bear the direct cost of returning the property

2. Unless otherwise specified, reimbursement shall be made in the same manner as the original transaction, provided that no additional costs are involved.

Maask reserves the right to repay until the goods and their revised condition are received.

In personalized products, only defective products can be returned due to the specific conditions and complete personalization of products.


All of our products have a two-year statutory warranty, and maask, as the seller of the products, provides the warranty in accordance with the conditions stipulated by law.

It does not include defects caused by negligence, beating, improper use or manipulation, improper pressure or materials worn out due to normal use.

In textile printing, it is always possible and inevitable for a slight change in hue, whether it is a color test or subsequent delivery. Maask makes every effort to copy the colors and websites of the catalog (online or brochure) in the most realistic way. In particular, the colors that can be seen on the maask website depend on the settings of the customer's screen, so maask cannot ensure that the colors are properly compared. Therefore, it is highly recommended to ship the mayask hue table in the fabric.

In the case of legitimate use of collateral, compensation, replacement, price reduction or restitution should be selected according to the conditions stipulated by law.


You can submit a consumption claim form You can take the blade offliaisonFill it in and email it


The liability of the company for damages to the customer's life caused by negligence, negligence or the company's basic liability for damages to the health of the products is not affected by the company's liability under the law of the people's Republic of China. The same applies to violations committed by officials or legal representatives of maask. The basic contractual obligations refer to the obligations that enable the contract to be properly performed or the obligations that the customer can and must rely on to perform.

"Maask's liability to the operator for minor negligence of its basic contractual obligations is limited to foreseeable and typical damages.

Copyright / third party, disclaimer, unacceptable design

If the customer provides his own motivation, or exerts any other influence on earnings (e.g Based on user-defined text, customer guarantees to maask that such design, text and justification are not subject to third party rights. The client shall be solely responsible for any infringement of copyright, sample right, personality protection right or name right. The client also guarantees that the rights of others will not be infringed upon in determining the benefits. Mainly, if a legally protected logo, image, slogan, typesetting or design is used, the customer is responsible for obtaining the written authorization of the legal owner to present the authorization to maask without request.

If the customer is liable for the breach, the customer shall release to maask all claims and rights that infringe upon the rights of third parties. The client shall bear all costs of the defense counsel and other damages caused to maask.

Designs designed to disseminate images, words or other customer wishes involving the privacy of others and containing pornography intended to disseminate prohibited propaganda, incitement or participation in crime shall not be produced by maask.

Maask has no obligation or responsibility for possible violations.

Product labeling, self-protection and personal rights all products provided by maask generally include:

  • One or more identification and / or text is visible.
  • One or more labels, sewn in a visible manner, with a logo and / or maask text.
  • One or more tags are sewn inside with a logo and / or maask text.
  • Wash label with logo and / or text.

In addition, other materials of textile products can also bear the maask mark.

Maask has the right to display its products on its website (online shop), catalog (and online catalog) and other forms of product display, advertising, etc. (electronic or written) and exhibitions.

Mr. maask can refer to clients in different media for reference. This also includes mentioning and using any protected name or logo. Maask is not obliged to refer to customers. Maask may be restricted or prohibited from referring to customers.

Maask reserves the right to use these products as samples for other customers or for internal control in the event of production errors or overproduction.


    Return of masks is not allowed unless there is a source problem with the material


    Product defects

    We control the quality of every productno However, in the smallest case, there may be production defects, if you think your product has production defects, please contact us

    Given the hygienic and protective properties of these masks, products damaged by use should not be considered defective.

    Mr. maask will pay for the shipment, provided that the scheduled time of shipment is:MarskIf the customer chooses a different sending method, there is no problem. In the case of freight paid by the customer,Marsk You can provide a label with the address on which you must send the package through your own means. If you need us to help you find a transportation company, you can apply

    Order cancellation procedure

    You can apply to cancel your order if it has not been In other words, even if the payment was made, the order did not leave our facility. If you have already registered, please log in first. Add your profile and your cardApplication number and personal data Or call + 34868 043 813 If you have any questions.


    Design conditions (user service)

    1. Maask's designs are the exclusive property of the latter, so maask can use them for publicity and information purposes.
    2. He said that he was entirely responsible for the client and that he had the appropriate authority to use the logo and provide maask with any other charts for inclusion in the design.
    3. As for the design which is not completely produced by maask and submitted by the customer, the customer's confirmation of the order authorizes maask to use the order only for publicity and information purposes.

    signal communication

    If you want to ask us any questions or appeal to us, you have to go to maask, C / musician Azor í n torregrosa 1230510, Yecla, Murcia, Spain, e-mail info@maask.euorTel + 34868 043 813.

    Applicable law and venue

    "This procurement system is governed by the laws in force in Spain (civil code, commercial code), Law No. 7 / 1996 of 15 January 1996 on retail management, Law No. 7 / 1998 on general conditions of procurement, Law No. 26 / 1984 on the protection of consumers and users. Royal Decree No. 1906 / 1999 of 17 December 1999 on telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions; Law No. 34 / 2002 on information society services and electronic commerce). According to Law No. 34 / 2002 of 11 July, the contract is presumed to have been concluded at the seller's (Spain) residence. If differences that may arise as a result of the current contractual relationship cannot be settled amicably, the differences should be referred to the court considered to have jurisdiction over each case.

    Conflict resolution out of court

    Page: 1 Article 14 of EU regulation No. 524 / 2013

    In this regard, if the purchase between you and us is carried out through our website, according to EU regulation No. 524 / 2013, we inform you that you have the right to ask us to provide us with an out of court solution to consumer disputes that can be accessed by management.